Purchase Assistance and Negotiation

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Purchase Assistance and Negotiation

The buying agent will assist in the purchase process by doing various tasks, negotiate the price and the terms of the contract and advise buyers how to improve the competitiveness of their offer. The price includes IVA.

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Purchase Assistance and Negotiation

  • Negotiating with a listing agent or a private seller: After making an offer on behalf of the buyers, the buying agent will negotiate the price and terms. The agent will notify the buyers of any counter offer made by the seller and will consult with them on whether to accept or modify it. The buyer’s agent will also advise clients on ways to improve the competitiveness of their offer, such as eliminating contingencies or adjusting the closing date.
  • Recommendations for additional real estate professionals: The buying agent will advise and guide the buyers through the closing process. They may refer other real estate professionals, such as real estate attorneys, architects, inspectors, and so on, prior to the closing date to help expedite the closing process and ensure the buyers’ interests are protected.
  • General Assistance: The buying agent will assist the buyers with all of the necessary requirements in the purchase process, negotiate special terms with the agents if they need to be added to the contract, obtain additional information required by the buyers to proceed with the purchase, and work in the buyers’ best interests to ensure that the purchase process runs smoothly.

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