Manage Your Postal Mail Online

Securely Access Your Mailbox at your Virtual Post Office



Access to your mail 24/7. No more driving to your PO Box or waiting until you return from your trip.


Our secure cloud-based platform enables you to view and manage your mail anywhere in the world.

Any Device

From PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smart phone to tablet, we've got you covered.

How Virtual Post Office works?

Step 1

Select a Location

Select a real street address by browsing through our list of locations across the US and internationally. Additionally, for each location you can preview what your future digital address will look like.

Step 2

Pick a Service Plan

Whether you are a business, a road warrior, or an expat you will find the right service plan for you. Selectively choose from features such as Open & Scan, Forwarding and Shredding.

Step 3

Manage Your Mail

As you receive mail you can easily view and manage it from your mobile device or computer. No matter where you are in the world you will be notified via native app alerts, text messaging, or emails when mail arrives or a requested action has been completed.

Address and PO Box Service


Are you a freelancer who likes to travel and take your work with you? Or somebody that spends only part of his time in Valencia. Or working so hard that you somehow always miss the delivery of the packages. If so, you can have complete freedom, knowing that your post is secure at our place, waiting for you to collect it. This is a normal postal service, and includes packages up to 3 kg of weight. You can choose either physical or PO box address at our office. Minimum contract - 3 months.


Providing a physical or a PO Box address, can give your business a more professional appearance to your customers than using a residential or home address. If your business is run from home, using a PO Box address also allows you to keep your home address private.
We’ll keep hold of your mail until you’re ready to collect it from our office. This address can also be used as a company address in the process of business formation. Minimum contract - 6 months.

Monthly price displayed. When opening an account provide two different types of identification.
Please contact us on or visit our office to sign a contract.