A bank account for expats in Valencia is required for a variety of reasons, including rental contracts, health insurance, and contracts with service providers.

Although the procedure is straightforward, many banks are still hesitant to open non-resident bank account for expats in Valencia, therefore you should find the right bank, branch, and person. We’ll help you with that, as well as gathering all of the necessary documents to apply.

The requirements vary greatly depending on your country of origin. If your submission requirements are more complicated, we will notify you ahead of time.

Credit cards are part of getting a bank account for expats

We can give you basic information about the banking system at our Free Help Desk. The biggest banks in Spain are Banco Santander, BBVA, Caixa Bank, Banco Sabadell and Bankia. We found out that Banco Sabadell is the easiest one to work with when opening a bank account for Expats in Valencia.

We can help you to open a bank account for expats in Valencia, providing that you have all the documents necessary. Once the account is opened, depending on your circumstances, you would be able to apply for mortgages, insurances, loans and other bank products.

Requirements differ depending on which country you are from. We charge a small fee for this service, just enough to cover our time and petrol.

Bear in mind that bank charges for non-resident expat account are much higher than charges for resident accounts.